Java Puzzlers

Traps, Pitfalls, and Corner Cases

By Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter

"Java puzzlers is a must-read for every Java developer, from the neophyte to the master."
-Dr. Wes Munsil, President, Lexonics, Inc., ACM Computing Reviews, September 29, 2005

"This is one of the most intellectually challenging programming books that I have ever read...I strongly recommend that all Java programmers read this book."
-Charles Ashbacher, President and CEO, Charles Ashbacher Technologies, and co-editor, Journal of Recreational Mathematics

"I laughed, I cried, I threw up ... my hands in admiration."
-Tim Peierls, President Prior Artisans LLC, and member of the JSR 166 Expert Group

"A comprehensive catalog of computational conundrums that will both perplex and please the perspicacious programmer."
-Gilad Bracha, Computational Theologist at Sun Microsystems and coauthor, The Java Language Specification

Copyright 2004-2005, Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter