Praise for Java Puzzlers

Java puzzlers is a must-read for every Java developer, from the neophyte to the master. Written by two acknowledged Java gurus, it shines its explanatory searchlight into every nook and cranny of the Java programming language, by presenting almost 100 programming puzzles, from the most simple to the most profound. Its basic premise is that things are not always as they appear, and it proves that premise time and time again.

Wes Munsil, President, Lexonics, Inc. ACM Computing Reviews, September 29, 2005

This is one of the most intellectually challenging programming books that I have ever read...The solutions to some of the puzzles astonished me, although all were understandable...I strongly recommend that all Java programmers read this book.

Charles Ashbacher, President and CEO, Charles Ashbacher Technologies and co-editor, Journal of Recreational Mathematics

I really enjoyed Java's one of the few Java books I can universally recommend. It will definitely make you a better professional programmer if you take its lessons to heart. As someone who's developed in Java for almost 10 years and written a couple books on it, I can guarantee you that you'll learn quite a bit from this book. I certainly did.

Jeff Langr, Author, Agile Java

I've found "Java Puzzlers" great fun. Even though I've written the rather detailed Java Precisely, there were lots of surprises and mysteries.

Peter Sestoft, author, Java Precisely (MIT Press 2002, 2005)

Excellent! Java Puzzlers is unlike any Java book we've seen before. Promising the reader an exploration of "traps, pitfalls and corner cases", this is by turns entertaining, infuriating and downright puzzling. It is also truly illuminating, and serves to educate while it entertains.

Pan Pantziarka, Reg developer Book Reviews, December 2005

The book contains 95 puzzles that shine light into the Java language's dark, quirky corners...the puzzle's lessons stick in your mind far longer than a dry recitation ever would.

Rick Wayne, New and Noteworthy Editor, Software Development December 2005

A comprehensive catalog of computational conundrums that will both perplex and please the perspicacious programmer.

Gilad Bracha, Computational Theologist at Sun Microsystems and coauthor, The Java Language Specification

There are plenty of books of programmer puzzles and challenges on my shelves, but "Java Puzzlers" does something I find especially useful: It doesn't merely explain why an odd behavior occurs; it also offers suggestions distinctly aimed at Java users in particular and programming language designers in general...Knowing how to use technology when it works correctly is good; knowing how it can fail to work, with what consequences, is also vital."

Peter Coffee, eWeek, January 30, 2006

Every programming language has its quirks. This lively book reveals oddities of the Java programming language through entertaining and thought-provoking programming puzzles.

Guy Steele, Sun Fellow and coauthor of The Java Language Specification

I laughed, I cried, I threw up ... my hands in admiration.

Tim Peierls, president, Prior Artisans LLC, and member of the JSR 166 Expert Group

Java Puzzlers shows you more tricky corners of the Java language than you ever expected could exist...If you read this book and take its message to heart, you'll learn to avoid the dark alleys of Java, making sure your programs will never inadvertently become puzzlers for you or those who come after you.

Ernest Friedman-Hill, JavaRanch Sheriff

Well written, amusing, whimsical, and above all, informative. Bloch and Gafter have brought us a book that entertains us with corner-cases, one-in-a-million chances and other happenings that explore the ins, outs, and guts of the Java Programming Language...I enjoyed this book, from start to finish.

Tom Byrne, Slashdot

Most definitely recommended if you're a Java coder with any level of experience. You'll be forced to question things you've assumed in the past, and you'll come away a much better developer.

Thomas Duff

Donít worry if Java Puzzlers' mini-programs throw you for an occasional loop (or, perhaps, an exception). Each one illustrates some intriguing pitfall, trap, or surprise you really ought to know about. Read them. Think about them. Try them. Then let Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter unravel them. By the time youíre done, youíll be writing more robust, resilient, bug-resistant code.

Bill Camarda, Barnes & Noble Read Only, August 2005

Josh and Neal Gafter have given us Java Puzzlers, a look into "Traps, Pitfals and Corner Cases" of our favorite language. Think you know all about Java? Check yourself with this book!

Ian Darwin, Author, Java Cookbook

Truly an enjoyable book!

John Wetherbie, JavaRanch, August 2005

A list of 95 puzzles with important lessons on the proper use of Java. An excellent companion to Effective Java.

Dr. Yishai Feldman, Efi Arazi School of Computer Science

You think you know the Java language? Try it. (Makes for great interview question fodder, and for that reason alone practicing Java programmers should have a copy on their shelf.)

Ted Neward, author, Effective Enterprise Java, Server-Based Java Programming

This is exactly the kind of book I like: challenging, thought-provoking, and informative.

Dave Landers, BEA Systems

There can be no doubt that Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter's "Java Puzzlers" is an informative and enjoyable book.

Blake Meike, New England Java Users Group

Best selling title at JavaOne 2005, OOPSLA 2005, JAOO 2005, JavaZone 2005, and JavaOne Japan 2005.

Recommended Reading at colleges and universities including MIT.

Copyright 2004-2005, Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter