Java Puzzlers Table of Contents



Expressive Puzzlers

Puzzle 1: Oddity

Puzzle 2: Time for a Change

Puzzle 3: Long Division

Puzzle 4: It's Elementary

Puzzle 5: The Joy of Hex

Puzzle 6: Multicast

Puzzle 7: Swap Meat

Puzzle 8: Dos Equis

Puzzle 9: Tweedledum

Puzzle 10: Tweedledee

Puzzlers with Character

Puzzle 11: The Last Laugh

Puzzle 12: ABC

Puzzle 13: Animal Farm

Puzzle 14: Escape Rout

Puzzle 15: Hello Whirled

Puzzle 16: Line Printer

Puzzle 17: Huh?

Puzzle 18: String Cheese

Puzzle 19: Classy Fire

Puzzle 20: What's My Class?

Puzzle 21: What's My Class, Take 2

Puzzle 22: Dupe of URL

Puzzle 23: No Pain, No Gain

Loopy Puzzlers

Puzzle 24: A Big Delight in Every Byte

Puzzle 25: Inclement Increment

Puzzle 26: In the Loop

Puzzle 27: Shifty i's

Puzzle 28: Looper

Puzzle 29: Bride of Looper

Puzzle 30: Son of Looper

Puzzle 31: Ghost of Looper

Puzzle 32: Curse of Looper

Puzzle 33: Looper Meets the Wolfman

Puzzle 34: Down for the Count

Puzzle 35: Minute by Minute

Exceptional Puzzlers

Puzzle 36: Indecision

Puzzle 37: Exceptionally Arcane

Puzzle 38: The Unwelcome Guest

Puzzle 39: Hello, Goodbye

Puzzle 40: The Reluctant Constructor

Puzzle 41: Field and Stream

Puzzle 42: Thrown for a Loop

Puzzle 43: Exceptionally Unsafe

Puzzle 44: Cutting Class

Puzzle 45: Exhausting Workout

Classy Puzzlers

Puzzle 46: The Case of the Confusing Constructor

Puzzle 47: Well, Dog My Cats!

Puzzle 48: All I Get Is Static

Puzzle 49: Larger Than Life

Puzzle 50: Not Your Type

Puzzle 51: What's the Point?

Puzzle 52: Sum Fun

Puzzle 53: Do Your Thing

Puzzle 54: Null and Void

Puzzle 55: Creationism

Library Puzzlers

Puzzle 56: Big Problem

Puzzle 57: What's in a Name?

Puzzle 58: Making a Hash of It

Puzzle 59: What's the Difference?

Puzzle 60: One-Liners

Puzzle 61: The Dating Game

Puzzle 62: The Name Game

Puzzle 63: More of the Same

Puzzle 64: The Mod Squad

Puzzle 65: A Strange Saga of a Suspicious Sort

Classier Puzzlers

Puzzle 66: A Private Matter

Puzzle 67: All Strung Out

Puzzle 68: Shades of Gray

Puzzle 69: Fade to Black

Puzzle 70: Package Deal

Puzzle 71: Import Duty

Puzzle 72: Final Jeopardy

Puzzle 73: Your Privates Are Showing

Puzzle 74: Identity Crisis

Puzzle 75: Heads or Tails?

More Library Puzzlers

Puzzle 76: Ping Pong

Puzzle 77: The Lock Mess Monster

Puzzle 78: Reflection Infection

Puzzle 79: It's a Dog's Life

Puzzle 80: Further Reflection

Puzzle 81: Charred Beyond Recognition

Puzzle 82: Beer Blast

Puzzle 83: Dyslexic Monotheism

Puzzle 84: Rudely Interrupted

Puzzle 85: Lazy Initialization

Advanced Puzzlers

Puzzle 86: Poison-Paren Litter

Puzzle 87: Strained Relations

Puzzle 88: Raw Deal

Puzzle 89: Generic Drugs

Puzzle 90: It's Absurd, It's a Pain, It's Superclass!

Puzzle 91: Serial Killer

Puzzle 92: Twisted Pair

Puzzle 93: Class Warfare

Puzzle 94: Lost in the Shuffle

Puzzle 95: Just Desserts

Catalog of Traps and Pitfalls

Notes on the Illusions




Copyright 2004-2005, Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter